Book Roundtables. We host public discussions of new books or drafted book manuscripts by outside scholars. We often ask faculty or grad students from UVA to provide feedback.

Lecture Series on Religion in America. This is a distinct lecture series, happening this year and next, which brings visitors to Grounds, well-known or young, up-and-coming scholars of American religion or religion in the Americas more broadly.

Lecture Series on Islam: Past, Present, and Future. We are planning a series of four lectures on the past, present, and future of Islam, to run in the near future.

Jefferson Lectures on Religion and Public Life. In these lectures, we invite prominent scholars from outside UVA to come as “Jefferson Lecturers” and talk about Religion and Public Life every semester.

New Trajectories in Religious Studies Series. We occasionally host scholars from inside and outside UVA to speak on underrepresented religious traditions and/or new and interesting developments in religious studies scholarship.

Jefferson Trust Essay Prizes. We award several essay prizes, open to both graduate and undergraduate students, on topics related to religious studies. Faculty can recommend that students submit essays, but submissions should come from the students themselves.

Grants for Student Reading Groups and Research Workshops. We offer small grants for student-run workshops on topics of interest to religious studies. These are workshops exclusively in religious studies, or workshops with a significant interdisciplinary component. The hope is that a little money helps groups of students gather on a regular basis to share discussion and food on matters of scholarly interest.